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Can't Get Enough of the Rubik's Cube?

If you are a Rubik's Cube fan, maybe this nice little cheap toy would be able to warm your heart? First of all, I have to say that this toy is not to be played like the Rubix Cube, there is no
turning and twisting of the cube, and there is no puzzle so you don't need some magic manual to solve this rubix. In fact, this toy is just a normal toy but it is shaped like the Rubik Cube. Best thing of all, if you should have expected me to say, is that this toy is CHEAP! Bargain toy I should say! The Techno Source Rubik's Revolution discounted toy is only priced at US$8.57 and the Bargain Toy was originally priced at US$19.99!!! So how is that for a small little toy that will give you endless hours of fun and laughter and also bonding with your parents!
Ever wanted you children or kids to stop ranting and be occupied with something? Been looking everywhere for some cheap kids toys but you cant seem to find any? Ever wanted to have a small toy that you can bring along outdoors and have something to do while waiting in queues? Introducing the Techno Source Rubik's RevolutionCheap Rubik's Toy!!!

7 Reasons why YOU should buy this cheap toy:
1. Priced at only a cheap price of US$8.57 (original price at US$19.99) at the time of this post, the price of this toy cant get any lower!
2. Includes six different multi-sensory games games and can be played individually or in groups.
3. Toy has lights, action and sound! Requires only 3 AAA batteries! (Included as well!)
4. 2007 winner of the game of the year! Serves as a great gift.
5. Very addictive! Cant get your hands off the toy once you play with it.
6. Small and portable toy and therefore can be played anywhere.
7. Cheap fun toy that promises nothing but fun fun fun!
I personally give this cheap toy a 5 Stars cheap toy rating: Must Buy!
DO TAKE NOTE: Like I mentioned just now, unlike the original toy, the sides of this plastic cube don't rotate to solve a single puzzle. Instead, each fixed face of the cube has a lighted button in its center square for a different game. Therefore original Rubix fans please dont be misled. Recommended for kids and children 5 years and up (contains small parts). In addition, this toy currently can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses (at point of writing). Shipping rates from US$3.99 per shipment or US$0.85/lb. FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Not since this post is somewhat about the Rubik's Cube, I shall also alert my readers of the new Rubik's 360! Since Prof Erno Rubik has invented the Rubik Cube, he has not come up with any new ingenious toys. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, comes the Rubik 360! I shall not elaborate more about it, but perhaps you can visit the Rubix 360 site to find out more about this new cheap toy! There is even one site where you can find out how to solve the Rubik's 360!

Now why I like to talk about the Rubix Cube and all the toys associated with the Rubik's Cube because my blog is about cheap toys. Yes cheap toys! Small toys that are very cheap and cost little and can be played over and over again are to me value for money! And when a toy is value for money, I think it deserves some attention. Such cheap toys are hard to find and I think you should grab them while they are still cheap! Anyways, do visit my blog if you are looking for some great toys which are cheap and on sale!
After saying so much and with some many good reviews for this cheap Rubik's toy YOU just got to buy one. So buy this cheap toy Techno Source Rubik's Revolution now!! This Bargain Toy is brought to you by Amazon.comCheap Toys.