Cheap Remote Control Toy: Mini Hughes 300 Fairy Helicopter at a bargain

Bargain Toy Remote Controlled Helicopter selling for Cheap!

As a kid, I liked to play with cheap remote control toys. With a remote control in hand, the toy would be at my mercy. To go left, right, up or down, at the push of a button on the remote control, the toy would have to obey my orders! This was the power of the toy remote. No toy can escape the clutches of the remote control once it is bound to one. I am not talking about the movie Click (was it called click? Can't remember!) in which there is this super remote control that can be used to control the person's life, fast forward boring parts, play back scenes in his life that were missed etc But I digress, because this post is about remote controlled toys not the universal remote! Haha! And when you cross the word cheap with remote control toys, you get cheap remote control toys! In yet another post on cheap toys, this remote control toy which I would like to introduce to my readers, and which is also selling at a bargain, is the discounted
Mini Hughes 300 Fairy Helicopter toy at a cheap price of US$29.95.

I am not kidding here when I say that the original price of this cheap toy is US$42.99!

Cheap Remote Control Helicopter Toy

Ever find it hard to believe that remote controlled toys can be termed as a cheap toy? People always think that such gadgets would be expensive. Remote control? You need advanced electronics to power such toys right? Nope! Ever wanted a remote controlled toy but realised that it too expensive for your taste? Ever saw those spy movies and wanted a small flying craft that can fit into any nook and crany? Now you can! Introducing the Mini Hughes 300 Fairy helicopter!!!! As it is tiny, it aint expensive!

7 Reasons why YOU should buy this cheap toy:

1. Priced at only a cheap price of US$29.95 (original price at US$42.99) at the time of this post, the price of a RC toy cant get any cheaper!

2. Amazingly the world's newest, smallest and lightest RC Helicopter!

3. Only 5" long it can fit in the palm of your hand and easily carried around.

4. Fully functional toy. It really flies!

5. Has the same classic design as the Hughes 300 helicopter and therefore a collector's item for helicoptor enthusiasts!

6. Authentic design with 2 transparent windows so you can see the cockpit, landing gear and a tail shaft stabilizing fin for better control.

7. Charges directly from the controller which uses "AA" lithium-polymer batteries.
I personally give this cheap toy a 4 Stars cheap toy rating: Good to Buy!

DO TAKE NOTE: This toy currently can be shipped only within the U.S. (at point of writing). Shipping rates depends on amount spent.

Want to buy a flying RC helicopter at such a cheap price? YOU just got to act now! Buy this cheap toy Mini Hughes 300 Fairy helicopter now before it flies away!!! This bargain toy is brought to you by

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