Cheap Toy Wild Planet Hyper Dash

Bargain Toy Wild Planet Hyper Dash at discounted toy price of US$20.97!

Original Price of cheap toy was at US$29.99!!!!
Cheap Toy Hyperdash

Ever wanted a fast paced action toy yet dont want to spend loads of money on it? Or maybe you wanted a toy that combines both thinking and atheletic skills? Or maybe you didn't think a cheap toy can incorporate high technology inside it? Well now you have one. Introducing the Wild Planet Hyper Dash Cheap Toy!!!

7 Reasons why YOU should buy this cheap toy (original price 29.99 savings of 30%!):

1. An award-winning game from Wild Planet. Won an iParenting Award and a Seal of Excellence Award from Creative Child Magazine, along with several other honors recognizing it as an innovative, educational toy.

2. A toy that combines active play with lessons that support color and number recognition, basic math skills, allowing children to practice addition and subtraction!

3. Inspires better listening and improves kids' coordination. Encourages kids to be active and think on their feet.

4. Fast and easy to set-up. Only three AA batteries required!

5. The electronic tagger contains its own voice known as the Hyper Voice and even plays upbeat music! The voice calls out voice commands to control the game, while players following the commands race against the clock to tag targets identified by color and number.

6. Games can be solo or up to four players competing head-to-head, or even up to eight players working cooperatively in teams of two. Useful for big groups or parties!

7. There are four games to choose from with increasingly difficult levels to master, allowing the players' skills to progress. Four games in one toy!

8. The Hyper Dash unit keeps track of times and scores, and the Hyper Voice announces the winner at the end of the game. No more wranggling on whos the champion!

9. Hyper Dash uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to recognize the targets. This means that a wireless signal connects the Hyper Dash unit and the targets, so there's no need to strike targets with force. With RFID, there's no limit to how far apart you set the targets. This flexibility makes Hyper Dash appropriate for both indoor and outdoor spaces and infinite play combinations!

With so many good features, I personally give this cheap toy a 5 Stars cheap toy rating: Must Buy!

DO TAKE NOTE: There's no button to turn the unit off, toy shuts down automatically. While the Hyper Dash tagger unit seems incredibly durable, it is made of plastic. Hard play may damage the tagger over time. Recommended for kids and children 6 years and up. In addition, this toy currently can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses (at point of writing). Shipping rates from US$3.99 per shipment or US$0.85/lb. FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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