Bargain Toy Clone Walker (TM) Battle Pack

Get the Bargain Toy Clone Walker (TM) Battle Pack at S$10.96!
Bargain Toy Clone WalkerNow who said that Lego is not cheap? And what about Stars Wars (TM) lego? At just US$10.96? You must be thinking that Im kidding right? Well you just have to click the link to Clone Walker (TM) Battle PackBargain Toy Clone Walker to find out!!!

7 Reasons why YOU should buy this cheap toy:

1. Priced at only a cheap price of US$10.96 at the time of this post, and its a branded Lego toy and trademarked by Star Wars. Simply unbelievable a bargain toy that cant be missed!! Need I say more?

2. Good for Lego and Stars Wars collectors.

3. Looks really good and is actually a very good gift!

4. The Clone Walker is a tough 2-man vehicle with poseable legs and flick-firing missiles! Dont belittle this toy!

5. Includes 2 Clone TroopersTM, Clone GunnerTM, Clone CommanderTM and ARC trooper gear! Your jaw must be dropping now!

6. Measures over 3.5" (8cm) tall! Now hows that for a cheap toy!

7. Build your own army of clones by buying multiple sets or other Star Wars Lego sets such as the #8015 Assassin Droids (TM) Battle Pack (another cheap toy at the same price!) for even more fun!
I personally give this cheap toy a 5 Stars cheap toy rating: Must Buy!

DO TAKE NOTE: Recommended for kids and children 6 years and up (contains small parts). In addition, this toy currently can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses (at point of writing). Shipping rates from US$3.99 per shipment or US$0.85/lb. FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

With so many good reasons to get this cheap toy YOU just got to buy one. So buy this cheap toy Clone Walker (TM) Battle Pack now!!! This cheap toy is brought to you by Amazon.comBargain Toy Clone Walker. Look for more cheap bargain toys on your favourite Cheap Toys Blog!