Cheap Toy New Flexible Bird Mini Radio Remote Control Electric RC Helicopter RTF

Previously in my bargain toys blog, I did a post on a cheap remote control toy, which was the mini hughes remote control mini helicopter, selling at a steal... I was browsing the website and I realised that there were many other goodies in store (will blog about these other goodies in due course). Anyways this time I am introducing this cheap Toy New Flexible Bird Mini Radio Remote Control Electric RC Helicopter RTF at only discounted toy price of US$11.95!

Original Price of cheap toy was US$29.95!!!

Hi guys, found this damn cheap darling at the xheli website. They are having some "hottest" sales and cheaper heli models are going for $9.95!!! (unfortunately these are sold out and this is the cheapest I could find). Im not joking when this remote heli model is just US$11.95...its even cheaper than my earlier remote heli post!

Cheap Remote Control Toy
To quote:
This mini palm size helicopter is the cutest and most amazing thing that I've seen lately! Measuring only about six inches long and weighing about 10 grams, this palm size helicopter is a Fascinating flying machine that is very stable and easy to fly in the smallest of spaces. This helicopter is made of tough expanded Polypropylene foam, features a LED strobe light, and incorporates an auto stability system to make this chopper easy to operate indoors.
It comes assembled and ready to fly with an innovative pre-installed two channel proportional wide beam infra red control system. The lightweight Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery pack is at the size of a finger nail!!! and drives a tiny- pencil diameter size - micro motor and will provide flights of about 7 minutes. The batteries recharge in about 30 minutes with the portable charger provided.


  • Auto Stable & Precision Speed
  • Miniature Size & Light Weight
  • Small Size Provides Agility and Speed
  • 3 Selectable Frequencies Let's You Fly Up To 3 Helicopters At Once
  • 2-channel, Infrared Control (Allows for left, right, up, and down movements)
  • Made of a Unique Material to Withstand Crashes
  • Super Wide Infrared Control
  • Easy to fly
  • Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying)

This cheap toy is brought to you by FREE Shipping on RC Helicopters. For more cheap toys for kids, please remember to visit my cheap toys blog!