Cheap Star Wars Toys - Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Classics Bust

Cheap Star Wars Toys: Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Classics Bust at only US22.49

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Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Classics Bust

Star Wars fans to take note, introducing a new member to your family! The Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot Classics Bust!!! He'll gladly defend your home from intruders and blast any Rebels away!

A perfectly sized collectible for your desk at work. And you think your job is tough? Defending the Empire from Rebels isn't an easy job, but these guys do it day after day. And their bosses are too cheap to spring for protective shields for their ships, too! Honor the unfortunate, hard-working pilots of the Galactic Empire with this striking 5-inch resin bust. Featuring big-time detail, this snazzy little sculpture is an excellent, eye-pleasing way to expand your collection of the Empire's finest!

It takes a brave, dedicated warrior with unending loyalty to strap in behind the control yoke of a TIE fighter and pilot that fragile, speedy craft into battle. TIE fighter pilots are well trained to overcome the inherent design flaws of the TIE fighter and turn it into a formidable and deadly vessel… for their own sake, if nothing else!

Made of resin and stands 5-inches tall. Limited edition. Buy this at a cheap toy price of $22.49 now before it flies away in a TIE fighter! hehehe

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