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Cheap Toy SpongeBob SquarePants: Silly Talking Spongebob at only US29.99!

Full of super silly phrases, tricky tongue twisters, and jolly jokes, this Silly Talk SpongeBob SquarePants™ doll will provide oceans of laughs for SpongeBob fans of all ages. Just grab his tongue or squeeze his nose while he's talking and SpongeBob's voice becomes simply screwy!

Includes the following phrases: "What do you call Gary when he's on a ship? A SNAILor!"; "I've got something in my nose...You!"; "Cat got my tongue? do!"; "Umm...Why are you holding my tongue?"; "At least I can't bite my tongue if you're holding it!"; "Tissue? I don't even know you!"; "Ooo...I smell Krabby Patties!"; "Say SpongeBob SquarePants seventy-seven times!"; "Surely Squidward should sing solo"; "Patrick paints pretty pictures" "Try this one" sometimes plays before the tongue twister phrases.

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