Top 10 Old Times Cheap Toys When I Was a Kid Part 2

Well now I shall continue to do some honour to the cheap toys that I had as a kid a long long time ago. Well guess here are my next two top 10 cheap toys (cheap or not u decide) that I had as a kid. These cheap children toys are my very very good favourites:

Now this toy needs no introduction. Currently still very active in the market with movies (another new movie coming up this year known as Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen) still being produced. But if you ask me, you cant compare those new Transformers toy to those of yesteryear. Since when did Megatron morf into a T Rex? Totally not my style....Oh by the way, if you still own some of these old toys, dont think they cant be considered cheap toys now as Im sure there are many collectors out become expensive....great deal! Especially if they are still in the box and upopened! Super valuable!

Transformers Cheap Toys
Megatron the bad guy or megatron the ugly beast....u choose! If u ask me I still prefer the gun!

Yet another name that needs no introduction. Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddmore fight ghosts with trusty sidekick Slimer! Dont think they still selling these toys now. Collectors items again! Where did those toys which I have last time go? Last movie was so long ago in 1984 believe it or not! Remember the toy when they even had a real size ghostbuster proton pack...those were the days man! Not to forget marshmellow man.... and the music....WHO DO YOU CALL? GHOSTBUSTERS.......

Ghostbusters Cheap Toys
Anyways, I understand that there is also a new Ghostbusters movie coming out soon. Hopefully this would mean that there would be a revival of Ghostbusters toys! Let's pray hard that this wish would come through! Till that time when the Ghostbusters toys are released, tune in to the Bargain Toys blog where I will update you on the latest cheap Ghostbusters toys just released for the movie and selling at a bargain! Stay tuned......