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Thought I would share some of my useful posts at the Toys Forum.

Basically, there are people who write to the forum with toy enquires. There was this enquiry about barbie clothes, I will replicate it below (link is here in case you think its a hoax!). And since the reply had some links to cheap toys (yes cheap cheap toys!) I decided to reproduce it here. Feel free to also email me if you got any toy queries. Will do my best to help you!!!

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Posted: Nov 15 08 07:45 AM
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Is it just my imagination, or has Mattel stopped making Barbie clothes and accessories?I CAN NOT find a stitch of an outfit anywhere - not Toys R Us, not Wal-Mart, not Zellers, not Sears. Am I to believe that I would have to buy an entire freakin doll to get an outfit?!Can someone please help me!

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Posted: Jan 24 09 12:47 AM
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Hi There

Managed to find what you want from Toysrus. They having 6 sets of Barbie clothes without the doll. Theres some for Ken too. Each is US$6.99 excluding shipping. Very cheap if you ask me!

Click on the links below:
Barbie Complete Looks - Blue Mod Bubble Dress and White Leggings
Barbie Complete Looks - Graphic Pink Square Print Dress and Jacket
Barbie Complete Looks - Pale Blue Bandeau Top and Denim Jeans
Barbie Complete Looks - Pink Short Sleeve Hoodie and Strawberry Print Leggings
Barbie Complete Looks - Print Top, Denim Ruffled Skirt, Red Jacket
Barbie Complete Looks - Purple Polka Dots Top and Skirt
Barbie Fashion Clothing for Ken - Polo and Board Shorts
Barbie Fashion Clothing for Ken - Printed t-shirt and Jeans
Barbie Fashion Clothing for Ken - Sweater Vest with Cargo Shorts

Also found these sets at US$12.99.
Barbie Fashion Sweet Wardrobe - BBQ Party Gear
Barbie Fashion Sweet Wardrobe - Garden Party
Barbie Fashion Sweet Wardrobe - Soda Pop PJ's
Barbie Fashion Trend Set - Miami Sunset Date
Barbie Fashion Trend Set - Pink, Black & White
Barbie Fashion Trend Set - Soda Pop Fashions

And this 16 piece fashion bag set at US$15.99.
16-Piece Barbie Fashion Bag Set

There are others not mentioned by me at the website. Just do abit of exploing!
Hope this is what you need. If you want to thank me just help me spread the word on my blog.

See ya and take care!