Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World

Do you what has been keeping me excited recently? Well if you are a Marvel's fan, just watched Iron Man 3 as well (and also got stuck to that catchy Blue Da Ba Dee by Eiffel 65), been crazy about Avengers, bought their DVD and also kept on watching the final post credits scene involving shawarma....then you must be a super Marvel' fan like me!

Let us also not forget there was another ending scene in Avengers which has bearing on my blog post today. Shall I do a short recap: We see the leader of the Chitauri alien force explaining the failure of their attack on Earth (led by Loki) to a mysterious alien, who turns and smiles at the idea of dealing with The Avengers would be “courting death itself.” This alien is none other than Thanos and most likely to be the villain for this year’s Thor 2. 

So to go deeper into the story, Loki and Thor return to Asgard in the Thor sequel and because of this ultimate bad ass, Loki and Thor have to work together to stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Gauntlet (what is it about these people and all their dwarf type tools!). So is Thor 2 what this Avengers trailer has promised? Let us have a quick look at the trailer first

Unfortunately the trailer does not seem to give much away does it? But it has such a ominous score that simply draws you into the story - telling you that YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! Thats all out, the way things are looking at right now, I seriously feel that this movie would be a bigger hit compared to both Iron Man 3 (which disappointed by the way) as well as The Avengers.

So what else excites me to catch this movie?

1) Check out Loki. He likes like an old man (ah pek in local speak) in the movie, but there is a growing group of supporters who seem to prefer Loki to Thor. Who needs the 'Hem'some brothers when you got Tom Hiddleston. Hes not the typical run of the mill kind of guy, but he oozes that kind of special charm that will sure get your hearts believe me just check out this pic...

Well ok I cheated a bit by taking that photo from 10 Sexiest Photos of Tom Hiddleston: For Those Who Prefer Thor's Younger Brother trust me on this Loki will soon be the next big star

2) For the guys do not be disappointed because the second reason that excites me to catch this movie is none other than...wait for it....Natalie Portman! She is almost the same age as me and she is such a super hottie. I know you guys are still sore that she married ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied and even gave birth to a son (Aleph Portman-Millepied). The couple plan to relocate to Paris when Millepied's new job starts in fall 2014 and Portman has also indicated that she would like to become a French citizen when they move. So why should we catch Thor 2? Because we love to see Natalie Portman and secondly we never know when she may decide to be a full time housewife and stop acting.

“If you had Thor’s Mj√∂lner for a day, what would you do with it?”

Well lets first ask ourselves what Thor's hammer can do. Other than thinking that I may have a major problem even lifting it without yet wielding it, it sure is a good accessory to have if you are planning to join the opposition (local joke here). Nevertheless, I think what our country needs is not only more underground space but also a better transport system so I say lets take the hammer out and get to digging and building (sorry more local jokes!).

Before I sign off, I really have to say that this is seriously a show worth watching. The ratings and box office sales are going to hit the roof and I can only say if you cant watch it early, better late than never....heres signing off....

Catch Marvel’s Thor 2: The Dark World

"Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013! For more updates, like the Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Singapore Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Official Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!”

Catch Disney’s Planes Flying into Cinemas on 5 Sep 2013

Disney’s Planes

If you love Disney's Cars and adored Steve Mcqueen and his band of zany cars who help him race, then I am sure “Disney’s Planes” will be a hit for you. It is time that we move away from F1 fever and look at racing in the skys! First of all why not catch the trailer to whet your appetite a bit!

If you are curious about the movie, let me just reveal some of the plot without releasing any spoliers. Disney's Planes features Dusty, a good-natured, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exciting round-the-world air race in history. However there is just one big obstacle in his way – Dusty is afraid of heights! Well after you read this, you might realise that this storyline is slightly similar to Cars and also reminiscent of the recent animation movie Turbo. Just what is with everyone and racing recently? 

Well anyways Dusty has a bunch of his good friends who help him out and what is a movie without a badie! Enter defending champion Ripslinger who resorts to any means possible to make sure that Dusty does not win. Good friends who help you out as well as a strong competitor sounds like a similar plot to me again! Anyway you may wish to note as well that this movie almost became a straight to DVD release!

Anyways I will leave the ending for you to guess but right now I would want to promote the Disney’s “Say It With Planes” contest – Please do check it out, participants stand to win Planes movie passes & exclusive premiums. I just tried it out actually, You just need to type out a message and Disney's Planes will help you send that message to your friend ala with those plane clouds...So it is very easy to take part in this contest and I especially like the kid's planes t shirt hope I can win that and make a kid happy!

At this point I would also want to blog about someone who has inspired me to pursue my dream. I know it is a cliche here to highlight my mum, who has always been there for me and guiding me all the way offering me advice and who never ever doubted the decisions I have made. I know it is not Mother's day again, but thank you mum because without you I would never have achieved my dreams....

Well enough of that and remember to....Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSGand subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!”

Cant wait to catch The Lone Ranger!

Latest movie from Disney: The Lone Ranger

If you are craving for some Jerry Bruckheimer since those days of Pirates of the Caribbean, then you should probably know that you need not wait much longer, because coming up soon is The Lone Ranger, the latest movie from Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films! This is an American action adventure western comedy directed by Gore Verbinski, and based on the American Old West character serials of the same name. The film stars Armie Hammer in the title role and Johnny Depp as Tonto and is set to release July 3, 2013.

The show is about a Native American, Tonto (who is portrayed by Johnny Depp), who recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (portrayed by Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice. The two unlikely heroes end up learning to work together and fight against greed and corruption. Sounds like a simple plot? Well I would not want to give too much away and ruin the movie experience. Why not check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of our heroes in action:

what excites me to catch “The Lone Ranger”

I think the trailer looks pretty exciting and cool and it is great to see Johnny Depp in another "out of the ordinary" character. I have been a great fan of Johnny Depp movies and who can forget his first ever break-out performance as Edward Scissorhands, followed by Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy? Other notable roles included Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd and even the Mad Hatter. Only someone like Johnny Depp can be eccentric enough to play such roles. The Lone Ranger will be another test for him and if I am catching this movie, I guess I am only doing so to watch Johnny Depp in yet another action movie.

So if you are a big fan of Johnny Depp like me, you have just go to catch this movie. Catch Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” in Singapore cinemas this 4 July 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!”

Catch Disney’s “The Lone Ranger”

Catch Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”

Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”

Hey there folks! It's me the mad blogger. Been so busy that I have not been writing much lately. However whenever there are good movies out there, the Mad Blogger would sure be the first one to blog about it! Well ok that is a big fat lie but at least I will blog about it sooner or later. Without further ado, let me introduce “Monsters University” from Disney•Pixar!

I know you all would groan and say its back to school again, but hey Monsters University can only be fun! If you all recall the first Monsters movie Monsters Inc (if I recall that movie was so long ago and I couldnt wait for a sequel) it was a movie about two monsters, Sulley and Mike who need to go around scaring kids so that they can collect screams to power their home city. After having some problems, they ended up entertaining kids and using their laughs to power their city instead. 

You may be surprised by instead of being a sequel, “Monsters University”is more of a prequel set about 5 years before Monsters Inc happened. Check out the cool trailer below:

what excites me to catch Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”

Well if it is a prequel, people who are fans of Boo (if you remember its the cute little girl who could not be scared) would be kind of disappointed because she would most likely not be born yet. But hey I am still looking forward to watching Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University” because it is going to another quality production from none other than Disney Pixar and who doesn't love a cool animation that will bring tons of laughter and job. Best of all, you get to relive those university days, this time with a bunch of wacky out of this world monsters. Not to mention all the cool degrees you can get in monsterlogy! Everybody, it is back to scaring again so bring out all your ugly scary faces! Oh and if you have a chance to go to Tokyo, remember to catch the Monsters Ride there because it is a ton of fun!

Catch Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”in Singapore cinemas this 20 June 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!”

 Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”

Iron Man 3

Yes another big bang movie has come to our shores. It is none other than Iron Man 3! Are you sick and tired already? If you ask me honestly I am but I guess there is some incentive to me if I write and blog about the movie here so I will just give this movie my usual two cents worth. Oh wait, I have not watched this movie, but I may be watching it because someone is pestering me to watch it, but hey, lets not talk too much in circles and go straight for the meat.

I am not going to reveal too much about the Plot here, but if you recall Iron Man 2 left us off with Iron Man defeating the bad guy known as Vanko and he also gets to meet Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD. That was followed by the Avengers movie, where we saw Iron Man battle evil with the other goody two shoes. Well in Iron Man 3, we will see Tony Stark aka Iron Man save the world again (again I am going to stress I am not going to reveal too much of the plot and neither will I go read up on it simply because I have yet to watch the movie!)

Anyways why not start by watching the trailer to whet your appetite :)

If you ask me who my favourite Iron Man 3 character is (wait is this a trick question?), well it is none other than Iron Man himself. Well I was almost going to choose Pepper Potts but I guess that would be because she is a she and pretty. Haha, anyways I think we need a superhero, and Iron Man is someone who has some sort of a disability yet he uses science and his money to create an iron suit so that he can battle evil. Since most of the super heros have superpowers, Iron Man stands out because his superpowers can actually happen (who knows we might have REAL iron mans in the future).

So here comes my tagline....
Catch Marvel’s Iron Man 3 in cinemas April 26! You can also follow the Official Marvel's Iron Man 3 Singapore Facebook Page and subscribe to Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!”


Recently I heard that Disney just bought over Lucasfilm. With such renewed power in the entertainment industry, it is no wonder that Disney will soon conquer and take over the world (ok I am just kidding here). Anyway I am here talking about Disney because of their new film titled “OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL”.

Oz the Great and Powerful is an upcoming 2013 American fantasy adventure film directed by Sam Raimi. Needless to say most people can guess that this film is inspired by the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But this seems to be a beautiful and wonderful adaptation of the book and also stars gorgeous Hollywood actors and actresses such as James Franco as Oscar Diggs, who is none other than the Wizard of Oz as well as the sexy Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz. 

So what is this movie all about? Basically, Oscar Diggs is a small-time circus magician who is transported to the  Land of Oz where he thinks he has found fame and fortune beyond what he has imagined. However he bumps into the witches Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz), and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting. I shall not reveal too much of the plot here but it is about how Oscar finds himself and makes himself to be a powerful magician to save Oz.

Before I start rambling off too much let us first enjoy a short trailer clip of this wonderful movie: 

If you ask me what excites me in Disney’s “OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL” I have a feeling that it is the kind of movie that I would enjoy: a beautiful cast, an enchanting tale as well as mystery and magic. Seriously this is the kind of flick I cant wait to watch, and hopefully I do get to catch it before everyone does! 


Catch Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in Singapore cinemas this 7 March 2013,  like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!