Stop Cutting Trees and Save the Earth

I had the privilege the other day to watch The Lorax, which is an animation picture adapted from a children's book by Dr Suess. This was because I managed to get the tickets from omy blog club, which is a pretty cool organisation that periodically provides benefits to bloggers. If you still do not know, Dr Suess is a very famous author who came up with bestselling hits such as Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who!, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. You might also have realised that Horton Hears a Who!, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! were similarly made into movies. Horton Hears a Who! was an animation flick while How the Grinch Stole Christmas! starred Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

To give away the plot in gist, to those who have not read this Dr Suess book, the movie is about how an inventor by the name of Once-Ler, discovered this interesting place which not only had nice inhabitants like cute furry little bears and fish that can walk on land, there were also these cute coconut like trees known as the Truffula that looked a bit like fluffy candy. He managed to use the "leaves" of the Truffula to make a clothing similar to the coat and called it Tweed. Subsequently, he succumbed to greed and chopped down all the trees to cater to the masses who demanded Tweed. This was against the advice of the Lorax, a mythical spirit who descended from the heavens to speak for the trees, as the trees do not have a tongue. Some time later, the story focusses on a boy called Ted, who falls in love with a girl by the name of Audrey, and they seek to find Once Ler and bring back the trees by planting the last seed.

Sorry if the plot I gave is very concise as there are really too many things to talk about.You might ask what I thought about this movie? Well it was fantastic. I guess the most important thing is that it is a movie with a message that is we should think about our environment and not be overly consumeristic. Kids will simply love this animation with it bright colours and useful message, though the part where the inhabitants start to leave the city because of the devastation done to the environment is pretty sad.

To take a quote from the movie: Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not. So start caring for the environment!

Before you go off, check out the trailer below!

Double your Major, Double your Future

“Very often when we are choosing from so many different degree options in a university, we all hope that we can take up more than one option. 

If you have this opportunity to choose between the lists of double major degree programmes that Kaplan offers, how best would you use this skill to advance your life's goals?”

Now first of all this seems like a very tough question to answer. Especially when you check out the degree programs offered by Kaplan through Murdoch University. Now look at this look list of options! Not only do they offer part time Bachelor degree courses, there are also Masters and Postgraduate Diplomas or Certificates too.

Well let me first give you a short introduction to Kaplan Singapore. What started as a small centre which offered tuition classes has now become a leading international provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses, catering to more than 1 million students from more than 500 locations around the world. What I am introducing to you here are some degree programmes from Murdoch University. Through collaboration and partnership with Murdoch, which is a prestigious Australian university, Kaplan Higher Education is able to offer career-oriented academic programmes on  a part-time basis through the Kaplan Higher Education Institute. Both local and international students are eligible for these degree courses.

You may also have failed to realise that most of these courses offered by Kaplan are double majors. That is right, when you graduate from the course, you not only get one degree but you get two! Let me be honest with you here. I am currently stuck in an admin job that pays ok but I do want to advance my career and even hope for a higher pay. I do know that the banking and finance sector pays their talent very well, so if I was given a chance to further my studies, I would definitely take up a degree related to this field. However looking at the list, I am again spoilt for choice. There are a total of four double majors that are offered by Kaplan pertaining to the banking and finance industry!

  • Bachelor of Economics and Banking (Double Major)

  • Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Double Major)

  • Bachelor of Economics and Management (Double Major)

  • Bachelor of Economics and Marketing (Double Major)

  • I can only say that I looked through each of the course programmes and I am more interested to take up the Bachelor of Economics and Finance. While most of the programmes are similar for the Economics portion, the modules under the second degree are all different and I would rather do some finance related studies. Just check out the modules which are thought below.

    Finance Law
    Corporate Finance
    Treasury Management
    Investment Analysis
    International Finance
    Derivative Securities

    Not only will I get a good grounding in economics, I can prepare myself for a finance related job as I will have got a finance degree too. Remember that this is a double major so I do get double the benefits! So I guess once I have got this degree, I can quit my current job and move on into the world of banking and finance.  Big bucks here I come! So if you ever want to improve yourself, gain a bit more knowledge and perhaps change your job, you know what to do ;) Still unconvinced? Check out this video below:

    Now you can advance your life goals with Murdoch’s Double Major Degree and Masters programmes offered at Kaplan Higher Education on a full time and part time basis.