Cars 2 the Sequel to the Great Pixar Movie Cars

Hey there folks! I bet you are itching to watch another animation from Pixar! I was just watching Toy Story 3 on DVD, it is a super fantastic film by the way and I chanced upon this cool new Pixar animation titles Cars 2! If you can recall, Cars was about up and coming hot shot Lightning McQueen who wanted to win the Piston cup, a racing tournament of sorts. By the way do pardon me if I get any of the facts wrong as it has been a while since I watched Cars! Anyways the run-down town of Radiator Springs soon comes alive after set up his headquarters there, helping to put Radiator Springs back on the map.

In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen returns home to Radiator Springs and reunites with his best friend Mater who really helped him out in Cars and girlfriend Sally Carrera. This time instead of the Piston Cup there is the "World Grand Prix" and McQueen is inadvertently drawn into this race. Then the fun starts when American spy car Rod "Torque" Redline enters the World Grand Prix and Mater is mistaken as an American spy as well. Mater manages to figure out that the mastermind behind the evil plot is Miles Axlerod. Mater manages to stop Axlerod's plans and is knighted by the Queen and returns home with his friends.

Do not even get what I am talking about? Making a sneak peak into this trailer will do you some good!

Well anyways I should say that a real spy is never a spy without a good spy name. Rod "Torque" Redline does not sound like a spy name to me. If you ask me if I were a spy, I would want to be called "Audi Towers", Well I guess most people would be able to guess this is a play on the silly spy known as Ă„ustin Powers". Why I played around with this name is to introduce a super spy who not only drives an "Audi" [and hey thats the link to this movie Cars 2 too ;)], in addition, he lives in a sky scraping space tower too! So who does not want to be a cool spy and get a good car with a good place to stay too? Well I should stop rambling and you should start queuing up to buy your tickets for Cars 2! 

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