The Change Up Movie Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk!

Hey there people! Thanks to I had the chance to watch the movie titled The Change Up at a preview screening. First of all I must say that this is my very very first movie review and I have to tell you that any pointers would be appreciated! Once again I have to remind you that my review would contain elements of the movie plot so if you have watched the movie and do not want to know too many details, read this review at your own caution!

Check out the movie poster....

So what is this movie all about? Simply put it is about two grown men who are actually the best of buddies and whose bodies can switched when they pee into a fountain (with some scary statue staring at them see below) and wished that they had each other lives. Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch Planko, a playboy cum bummer who is basically a quitter in life. Unlike Jason Bateman who plays Dave Lockwood, he is single and basically lives each day as it comes. Dave is a married man with three kids (one elder daughter and a pair of twins) and is also successful in his career (a lawyer who is close to becoming a partner of a law firm).

The fountain that grants your wish

The lives of these two somehow get disrupted after their bodies are switched. Many people would think that this film is a meaningless comedy (which was what I taught about the film at first) but if you stayed in the cinema and watch it to the end, you may realise that you get to learn a bit about life in this movie. Imagine what a life of a family guy with a tough career can do to a single lazy bum and how a fresh look on life can do to a family man.

As anyone one can guess, both worlds of the two men are turned upside down. Dave almost loses a chance at being partner and Mitch almost loses his women (well actually he did but he gained a new one more on that later). But things take a turn for the better and got on so well that they both almost decided that they were pretty comfortable the way things were. Of course they finally realise the importance of being themselves in their own bodies and decide to switch back, but not without some humilation of course. In the end, Dave realises how important his family is to him and how he should spend more time on his wife and children instead of his job and Mitch, well while Dave was inside Mitch, he helped him score a hot babe ala Sabrina played by Olivia Wilde, who is Dave's subordinate. I just love a happy ending!

This is not the reason why this movie is M18 but if you think that is chocolate on his face think again! Watch the movie to find out what happened to Dave's face!

Anyways do note that this movie is rated M18 and there are some shots of nudity in the film. I would feel that even the younger crowd will have something to learn when they watch this movie but I guess the writers want to focus on some adult comedic  fun yet want this movie to be meaningful and not just about slapstick humour.

So this is a simple review and I must say that this is a simple movie with a simple plot. Yet it is able to garner plenty of laughs in the audience and maybe some tears as some parts can be real touching. Simple in execution, yet deep in meaning and it definitely will make you rethink what you should do in your life. Watch this movie (I give it 4 stars) and you will not regret it.

Once again thank you for the tickets!

Real Steel

Ever heard of this upcoming movie titled Real Steel? Well you just got to catch it because it not only features cool robots that battle each other just like in gladiators, sumo or wrestling (actually more for boxing), you also get to see Hugh Jackman who is not only handsome but ravishing too. While we all might remember his role as Wolverine in the various X-men movies, unfortunately we do not see him wearing a crazy robot suit with long metal claws in this movie. First of all check out the cool movie poster.

Hugh Jackman is Charlie Kenton, who used to be a fighter but his job gets taken over by robots. Sounds like a cure for Singapore's aging population if you ask me. Anyways, together with with son Max (Dakota Goyo), they end up building and training a championship contender. What happens next I do not know unless I get to watch this movie. 

If you ask me what main function a Robot that I build must have, I would focus on defensive capabilities like a good shield and armour of some sorts as well as regenerative capabilities. This will make any Robot invincible!

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Cars 2 the Sequel to the Great Pixar Movie Cars

Hey there folks! I bet you are itching to watch another animation from Pixar! I was just watching Toy Story 3 on DVD, it is a super fantastic film by the way and I chanced upon this cool new Pixar animation titles Cars 2! If you can recall, Cars was about up and coming hot shot Lightning McQueen who wanted to win the Piston cup, a racing tournament of sorts. By the way do pardon me if I get any of the facts wrong as it has been a while since I watched Cars! Anyways the run-down town of Radiator Springs soon comes alive after set up his headquarters there, helping to put Radiator Springs back on the map.

In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen returns home to Radiator Springs and reunites with his best friend Mater who really helped him out in Cars and girlfriend Sally Carrera. This time instead of the Piston Cup there is the "World Grand Prix" and McQueen is inadvertently drawn into this race. Then the fun starts when American spy car Rod "Torque" Redline enters the World Grand Prix and Mater is mistaken as an American spy as well. Mater manages to figure out that the mastermind behind the evil plot is Miles Axlerod. Mater manages to stop Axlerod's plans and is knighted by the Queen and returns home with his friends.

Do not even get what I am talking about? Making a sneak peak into this trailer will do you some good!

Well anyways I should say that a real spy is never a spy without a good spy name. Rod "Torque" Redline does not sound like a spy name to me. If you ask me if I were a spy, I would want to be called "Audi Towers", Well I guess most people would be able to guess this is a play on the silly spy known as Ă„ustin Powers". Why I played around with this name is to introduce a super spy who not only drives an "Audi" [and hey thats the link to this movie Cars 2 too ;)], in addition, he lives in a sky scraping space tower too! So who does not want to be a cool spy and get a good car with a good place to stay too? Well I should stop rambling and you should start queuing up to buy your tickets for Cars 2! 

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Well well well people! Guess what movie is coming to the big screens soon? As though we have not had enough of Pirates of Caribbean movies, there is now a new one called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. So Johnny Depp fans please rejoice as you will get to see him reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the fourth installment of the Pirates and the Caribbean series of movies. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is actually based on a 1987 historical fantasy novel written by Tim Powers. So do not be surprised that this movie will follow the plot of the novel, since Powers sold the film rights for the novel to Disney. Eager fans might want to hunt for the book and have a good read first, but that may also spoil the enjoyment of the movie. Do not fret as Jack Sparrow will be taking over Jack Shandy, the name of the pirate in the book.

Just to provide a sneak peek into the plot, in this piraty episode, we see Captain Jack Sparrow meet a mysterious woman by the name of Angelica who apparently knows something about the fabled Fountain of Youth. Captain Jack Sparrow (perhaps under Angelica's love spell) is forced to board Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and on this vessel he goes out to seek the Fountain of Youth fighting zombies and mermaids along the way.

Hope you enjoyed the short write-up. You might be interested to have some fun on this facebook page, where you can play three different Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides games. So jump on-board the Queen Anne’s Revenge and check out the three games here – The three games are Pirate Yourself, Battle Galleons and Skull Creator.

If you check out the games, Pirate Yourself and Skull Creator are kind of similar as they both allow you to create a pirate face, just that for Skull Creator you do it on a skull while for Pirate Yourself you can actually unload your own picture. Check out my creations below.

This is a screenshot of a Pirate skull i created using the Skull Creator. Now that I look at it, it looks a bit like the pirate skull emblem used for the movie!

This is me after the pirate makeover. I guess you wont be able to recognise me so it seems like a good disguise! Pirate Yourself to a better face!

The last game is Battle Galleons. If you ask me this is really a game of luck. How it works is that you first choose a Captain (of course I chose Jack Sparrow) and you are to play three rounds of the game. In each player's territory there are three places where you can place your ship. You are to choose which place your ship will be for each of the three rounds as well as indicate where you want your ship to open cannon fire on. So that means you have 1 out of 3 chances to get a hit. Not sure if it is because of the Captain I chose but the first time I tried I got 3 hits and the enemy did not manage to hit me at all! Check out my score above: 3:0!

So there you have it, some of the best piraty games in town. Before I end off, I would just like to say “Catch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie starting from 19th May 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!”

Why I should win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening

hey there folks! I got this email from Nuffnang asking if we Nuffnangers would like to take part in this contest to win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening.

Well I just realised that today is the last day to submit our entries (12th Feb). I would love to do a great post as well as play and complete the “Where is Number Four?” contest but the thing is I am rushing for time (I am going to meet my girlfriend later) and I will be home late so I got to rush this post to get a chance to win these preview tickets.

And why should I win?

(a) The preview is on 14th Feb. What a special day to watch the preview than with my girlfriend of course! And this preview is special to her because

(b) She simply loves the cinema at Cathay. The seats are big and wide and very very comfortable and

(c) She is the fourth child in the family so I think the name of the show totally fits her (though I have got no idea what being number four is about in the show heh)

Well I know this post is totally unacceptable but I would still like to give this contest a chance. I would love to add in a pic or two but I simply got to run now. So Nuffnang hope you like this post...

Oh and yes not to forget===>

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Home is a Place I want to Be!

Home is a place I want to be. Yes, a place to stay for the long term and sink my roots. My home has to be safe and free from all sorts of other disasters. Such a place is not hard to find and I am happy to say that I have found it. Home is Singapore! 

In Singapore, we have a stable government and everything runs smoothly like clockwork. People are hardworking and because it is a meritocratic society, those who work hard are rewarded. People are also efficient and take pride in what they do, we have people excelling in their own niche jobs and specialists in every areas. With so many different races and new immigrants from all over the world, the people of Singapore live as one in harmony. Our economy is also strong and competitive.Singapore is also a good place to do business. 

We also have a strong military force as well as a good home team that is able to make Singapore a safe and secure home. These people work 24/7 to ensure that Singapore is kept safe from internal and external threats. Citizens of Singapore are just so lucky that they do not even know it.

This is my home. This is my Singapore. And this is the place I want to be.

Charlie Brown T Shirt Giveaway Contest

Hi there folks! I hope that you have been enjoying my blog so far! The last time I held a giveaway the response was pretty bad so I hope this time things would be a bit different. Anyways I am not sure if you all know who Charlie Brown is. Charles "Charlie" Brown is the protagonist in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. Do you also know that Charlie Brown is actually a representation of himself? Well Charlie Brown is a lovable loser, but somebody who has plenty of insecurities (that is why he also has this blankie of his for security) and unfortunately often gets taken advantage of by his peers. 

You may also have noticed that Charlie Brown commonly wears a collared shirt with a black zigzag across the middle. If you have been a big fan of Charlie Brown, you may have noticed that the shirt originally tended to be red in the Sunday comics, blue on Peanuts merchandise items, and yellow on the animated television specials. These days Charlie seems to have only one shirt, which is the yellow one. He would then wear a pair of black shorts, yellow socks and brown shoes. What is even better is that now you can actually own a Charlie Brown replica T shirt below!

Now first of all I am going to thank the sponsors before I tell you how you can win this Charlie Brown T shirt. This T shirt giveaway is proudly sponsored by the guys from PrankPlace. They got a whole selection of funny T shirts that you can give as gag gifts or just wear outside on the weekends just for some laughs! These are also not kids shirts, so perhaps this would be more of a gift for busy parents who need a humor break. Their products have been featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, 60 minutes, and the sitcom Outsourced so you can be sure of the quality and popularity of their products!

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Do note that this contest is restricted to US shipping only and win end on the 28 Feb 2011. And remember that this t shirt is sponsored by PrankPlace. You can check out details of the Charlie Brown t-shirt here. Do give them a visit when you feel like the joker!