Why I love Japan Food

Hey there folks, 

It has been such a long time since I blogged. Well Nuffnang has once again got me out blogging again because they got a real treat for bloggers. And since I have been out of action for such a long while, pls do not blame me if you think my post is not up to mark!

Anyways I was supposed to be talking about Japan culture and especially their food. I have always loved Japan, in fact it seems that many girls just love Japan. Kawaii des!!! Did you know that the Japanese were the creators of Transformers? Japan is very strong in comics and anime and there are so many of them which I simply love. For example I like Hunter x Hunter. There is also Maid Sama as well as the Get Backers. While J Pop is now not as strong as K Pop, there is still Ayumi who is a big crowd favourtite.

Anyway the most important and loved part of Japan is definitely FOOD! Yes talk about ramen, sushi and all kinds of weird Japanese stuff. But seriously we are all quite tired of this routine Jap food. Want to know what is new and interesting? Check out Kentucky Fried Chicken battle of the WINGS!!! Im defintely choosing the Japanese-inspired tangy yet savoury Umadare (and what the heck does that word mean? Scratch headddd)

Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, these juicy wings are cooked to crispy perfection and coated in your choice of two bold flavours – choose between the Japanese-inspired tangy yet savoury Umadare and the Korean-inspired sweet and spicy Yang Yeum. Who will be crowned king of the wings? You decide.
KFC Wings_Instore Poster_Eng_508x762Hmm-pf_N5