Charlie Brown T Shirt Giveaway Contest

Hi there folks! I hope that you have been enjoying my blog so far! The last time I held a giveaway the response was pretty bad so I hope this time things would be a bit different. Anyways I am not sure if you all know who Charlie Brown is. Charles "Charlie" Brown is the protagonist in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. Do you also know that Charlie Brown is actually a representation of himself? Well Charlie Brown is a lovable loser, but somebody who has plenty of insecurities (that is why he also has this blankie of his for security) and unfortunately often gets taken advantage of by his peers. 

You may also have noticed that Charlie Brown commonly wears a collared shirt with a black zigzag across the middle. If you have been a big fan of Charlie Brown, you may have noticed that the shirt originally tended to be red in the Sunday comics, blue on Peanuts merchandise items, and yellow on the animated television specials. These days Charlie seems to have only one shirt, which is the yellow one. He would then wear a pair of black shorts, yellow socks and brown shoes. What is even better is that now you can actually own a Charlie Brown replica T shirt below!

Now first of all I am going to thank the sponsors before I tell you how you can win this Charlie Brown T shirt. This T shirt giveaway is proudly sponsored by the guys from PrankPlace. They got a whole selection of funny T shirts that you can give as gag gifts or just wear outside on the weekends just for some laughs! These are also not kids shirts, so perhaps this would be more of a gift for busy parents who need a humor break. Their products have been featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, 60 minutes, and the sitcom Outsourced so you can be sure of the quality and popularity of their products!

So now how can you win this t shirt? Very simply, I just need you to send me a link with a short write up. The link should be pointed to my other blog at The link can include any text, but I would prefer something along the lines of "Cheap Toys Online", "Cheap Toys", "Cheap Soft Toys", "Cheap Top Toys", "Cheap Baby Toys" and so on, you get the drift. Once you got the link up, all you have to do write a short paragraph of this other blog which I am promoting. It can be on any of the toys included in the blog. Then you can email me at buycheaptoys at gmail dot com with the subject header "Charlie Brown T shirt" as well as the URL that you have got the write-up and link and I will then either choose one which I like or randomly pick an entry to WIN the T-shirt. I will then notify the winner to provide his or her particulars for the t shirt to be shipped over.

Do note that this contest is restricted to US shipping only and win end on the 28 Feb 2011. And remember that this t shirt is sponsored by PrankPlace. You can check out details of the Charlie Brown t-shirt here. Do give them a visit when you feel like the joker!