A Day of Fun at the Alive Museum

Hello folks!

It has been a long time since I blogged. Well just yesterday I was fortunate to be invited by omy blog club to visit the Alive Museum at Suntec City. Thank you people at omy! They are one of the coolest and fun(nest) people on this planet, I'm sure! 


Anyway before I go into details, more on this Alive Museum. The Alive Museum is Korea's first and original 3D entertainment attraction. Alive Museum first started in Korea as Trick Art Museum in Seong-eup, Jeju Island, and changed its name to “Alive Museum” in 2012. Since then, there are 15 branches of Alive Museum globally, making it the largest chain of 3D interactive illusionary art museum in the world. Outside South Korea, Alive Museum is also in Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China and now (from June 2014), in Singapore. There are currently over 80 masterpieces in Singapore, of which 9 are locally themed and unique to our country.

Just to provide you with some layman understanding of this Museum, this is not a real Museum per se but a place where "art" is displayed to allow interaction with participants. Most people would be most familiar with 2D art or painting / pictures which are drawn in such a way that when taken with the human participant from a certain angle, it feels like they person exists together with the art piece. I will illustrate this with some pictures later. Besides such "trick art", there is also "digital art" where they use screens and videos as interactive art pieces, "object art" read 3D installations that let you pose and touch with, and finally "experimental art" - think there was one exhibit on this the Camera Obscura - there was a queue so I didnt bother with that.

Tickets and Prices

CategoryDefinitionRate (S$)
Adult13 yrs and above, including Senior Citizens$25
Child3 – 12 yrs$20
ChildBelow 3 yrsFOC
Family Package2 Adults + 1 Child$60, every additional child at $10
(up to 3 child)

Opening Hours
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm). Approximate Duration of Visit: 1.5 hours
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) Singapore 038983
PLEASE NOTE: Opening times may vary due to private events. Please check this page for notices of early closure before your visit.

Overall, I think it was a great and enjoyable experience. The exhibits were really cool and fun. Well at the beginning some of the exhibits were kinda boring but as you progress you get to see more interesting stuff and as you interact with more and more art pieces it gets better too. The only problem was some people who were holding up the queue. These are the people who have to take pictures with every art piece. I guess taking photographs is "free" these days, you don't need to pay for film anymore. And with more digital natives around, these people keep on retaking to get their best picture to upload to their social media accounts or blogs. Well I was glad that after skipping a few stations and leaving these people behind, the visit got more pleasant too! Note to the Museum staff, you might want to have more "bouncers" within the Museum to do some crowd control.

Let me just share some nice pics here:

This is by far my favourite exhibit and the pic which turned out the best. You see Zhong Kui or some Zhang Yu look alike bashing through the door but Mr Pumpkin Head (that's me) stealthily crouching at the top corner of the room. How did I do that? Well you have to go to the museum to find out!

Take a look at these three Van Gogh paintings above. They are from the same painting but taken from different angles. Do you notice that the eyes seem to be looking at you no matter which angle you are taking the photo from? A clue to why this happens is this is an object art. If you cant get it, time to visit the Museum.

Another kind of exhibit challenges your visual senses. You can try this out at home and see if it works but you probably have to put the picture in full screen size to get a better effect. Oh yes along the way you see these red boxes with instructions on how best to get the effect that is intended. There are also markings on the floor to tell you where to take that photograph. Trickery is only successful when you follow instructions!


Well I did take many pictures but Im not the kind of blogger who shows everything. You can probably google and see each and every single exhibit online but that would ruin the fun wont it? Like I said earlier, the visit has been enjoyable and if you really got some time on your hands, why not come over to the Alive Museum? By the way, do also check out the below promotion while it lasts!!!


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  • Photos for illustration purpose only.

Unwrap good times with the KFC Bandito Pockett

Hey everyone! I know it has been a long time since I last wrote it. It has been a crazy and long journey for me. Sometimes days go by without something to blog about. But hey what got me started blogging again is actually to introduce something that has gotten me up and running these days....

Anyways has life been treating u good recently? If you ask me I just go posted into this new department thats pretty crap. And thats not all. You meet new people new colleagues and new bosses. Some are good and some are bad. They always say life is not fair. Then you are also stuck with a lousy pay and also poor benefits. Going to work you need to squeeze in with the rest of the crowd and worse of all public transport is becoming unreliable and they even intend to raise prices. 

Sounds bad huh? Well things can get worse....I sure would want to wrap up my whole life you know so that we need not deal with all this unhappiness anymore

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Unwrap good times with the KFC Bandito Pockett!!!