Top 10 Bargain Cheap Toys When I Was a Kid

Some Bargain Cheap Toys I had when I was a Kid
Well after my initial introduction on my cheap toys blog, guess I will start my blog rolling by introducing some cheap toys that I bought (well actually my dad bought hehe) long time ago when I was a kid. Well guess here are my top 10 cheap toys (cheap or not u decide) that I had as a kid. Lets start with 2 type of toys first, shall we? One is definitely a cheap toy but the other is not so cheap.

1. Lego Bargain Cheap Lego Toys

Lego is a branded toy and sometimes can be quite expensive especially for those bigger and more elaborate Lego sets, however I can say that when I was young there were occasions when they went at a bargain, and you can actually buy Lego toys at a bargain! There are all sorts of Legos out there actually, there are some more for adults such as the Technik Lego sets, then there are the bigger blocks for babies such as Duplo. My blog will be concentrating more on toys for kids and children, and also some for collectors though. Anyways, like I said, it is possible to find Lego toys for cheap prices. Not only talking about the smaller sets but also those bigger ones which can be bought at a bargain when there is a discount or sale! I always look forward to sales and it is only at such times when you can buy toys for cheap. My family is unfortunately not well to do, but my parents do love me very much, and I can say that I am blessed to have many toys! I do not mind if they were toy bargains, it is still the same toy. And I really liked Lego! (I mean I still love them!) The Lego toy is still one of the more successful toy genres now. I do think that it deserves a mention here as I really loved it as a kid and I had quite a number of Lego sets! Well I will try to introduce some Lego cheap toys in my future posts so stay tuned! PS that pirate ship below? My cousin had one! I had a blue good guy ship....

Cheap Lego Pirate Ship Toy
2. Mask

Not sure if you guys can remember this one. Sort of feel that all these old toys were brought out from cartoons! Well if you cant remember, these mask characters each had masks with special powers! And each had an ordinary vehicle that can turn into a fighting machine! One of the cooler toys back then if u ask me. And these were cheap toys! The link to the website is pretty cool featuring most of the toys that Mask produced. Hey I had most of those toys in the picture as a kid you know!

Mask is really one of those cool cheap kids toys that every kid would fall in love with. I remember toys in the olden days would usually have a cartoon. It is actually this cartoon that creates the hype and causes kids to want those toys that are featured in the cartoon. It wasn't hard to find cheap toys for kids in the olden days, because most toys were generally cheap! And there would be many advertisements of the cheap toys in the cartoon itself, bombarding the audience, which is predominantly children and kids, with the idea they that have to own these toys. And sometimes, the advertisements would feature special limited time offers, this would cause the consumers to act quickly and buy quickly! How is that for a marketing strategy.
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Lots of Cheap Mask Toys at a Bargain