Free and Easy Day 2 and End of Trip

Free and Easy Day 2 and End of Trip

Well anyways, it was time for the free and easy leg of my trip I scouted out the Resort and made a note of the things I wanted to try out. Getting a massage was top of my list. It was quite a worthwhile massage as it lasted for quite a bit and my body did get a relaxing fix. I do not remember ever having a massage before, and the part when the masseur tugs and pulls on your fingers and toes is pretty scary if you ask me. Well I did survive the massage in the end. Other than the massage, I also had some time to go on the ATV ride. It was really fun and you get to splash in the mud (not myself but the ATV does gets splashed in the mud a bit and your legs will usually end up a little dirty). I also wanted to try out the banana boat ride and the flying fish. Unfortunately I was not able to find enough people to perform the deed (a minimum of 2 persons are required for the flying fish and a minimum of 3 persons for the banana boat ride) before the weather turned a little bit bad.

Anyways, I still had a great time nonetheless. Next was lunch. Because of the weather, my lunch options were narrowed. Of course you can always choose to venture some place far, but then the obvious choice was to have lunch at the resort itself. There were a few options, one of which was Kopi-O where I had my breakfast. Then there was also this Japanese restaurant. The choice was obvious. And I got a bigger (or should I say biggest) shock in my wife when we could order anything in the menu and it would be on the house...that is absolutely crazy and till today I still cant really believe it. Well needless to say I ate like a king. It was a very sinful meal. I would say that the actual prices were exaggerated a bit and on the high side, the food was slightly above average but could be better. But given that the food was free I am not complaining!

After lunch guess we had to leave the island. So sad! Wish the programme was much much longer like maybe a week haha so everyone can just laze and eat at Bintan! Well at least we had a late check out. There was a short kershuffle when the Bintan Lagoon Resort staff asked me to pay for the ATV saying that it was not included as a complimentary activity. I brought it across to them that their staff had actually said that it was complimentary. He left to do some checks, and later returned to inform that I was free to go.

With that I left Bintan with a smile and happy heart :)