My Trip to Bintan Lagoon Resort

My Trip to Bintan Lagoon Resort

It has been a crazy recent weekend for me. So crazy that this write-up deserves to be decent. I had actually received a phone call from Nuffnang (check out the icon on the top left of my blog) on Thursday 4 Oct asking if I was interested to go for a 2 day 1 night trip to Bintan. I would be departing on Friday 5 Oct. It did take me some time to sort out my schedule. The trip would be fully sponsored but I would have to write a review of the resort (which was Bintan Lagoon Resort) in return for this free trip. The food and drinks were sponsored and participants could also take part in some of the activities free of charge on the morning of the second day. All in all it was a fantastic experience. I can only say that I will write an unbiased review of the resort but also do some advertising for the companies that have come up with this program.

The main players of the trip include Journeyful, Mozaic Hotels & Resorts and Bintan Lagoon Resort. Journeyful is actually a integrator and they have put together a social networking platform together with the resort booking system, ferry booking system as well as travel agencies contact. Then there is Mozaic Hotels & Resorts which is a hospitality management company that does all the sales and marketing for Bintan Lagoon Resort. Other than Bintan Lagoon Resort, MHR also manages Bann Yin Dee Boutique Resort in Phuket, Thailand. In addition, they have also launched its own ferry service; Mozaic Ferry Lines. Not only does the ferry get to dock at the door step of the resort, guests are given private access to the resort’s dedicated immigration counter, cutting down on a lot of waiting time.

Now on to my review proper. First of all, I decided to break my review into a few posts. That way, I can pen my thoughts into smaller chunks and into separate posts:

It has been a fantastic trip. The bonuses that came with the trip made it even sweeter. Of course once again I have to thank Nuffnang as well as Journeyful and Mozaic Hotels & Resorts for this excellent organised trip. Till next time!