Dinner on Golf Course and Sky Lantern Release

Dinner on Golf Course and Sky Lantern Release


After the tour of the resort, we were once again whisked away and this time to a golf course whereby pretty tables have been set up. It so so looks like an outdoor wedding if you ask me. And i quite like the blue colour. We waited a long time for dinner to start. Apparently the food was not ready. On the other hand, some food which was already ready was just sitting there and the flies were tackling them with glee. Fortunately, some folks started sitting down at the tables and very soon after that dinner started.

Sky Lantern Release

I would say that the highlight for today was what came next. This was the release of sky lanterns at the beach. Sky lanterns come from a popular Thai festivity and are an emblem of blessing and hope. Releasing them is akin to bringing forth good luck. I sure hope that is true because I got to release a few (shhh dont tell anyone about this because I burnt up one or two lanterns too!) Jokes aside it really does take some skill to release one of these lanterns. First of all you have got to make sure that the lantern does not have any existing holes. Because how it works is that there is a piece of solid fuel, yes those kind which you use for camping, hexamine if I am not wrong, which you attach to the base of the lantern by inserting it through a metal wire. You then have to set this piece of hexamine on fire, being very careful not to burn any part of the lantern (which I have failed to do so for some lanterns) and then hold on to the lantern for a while so that the hexamine can really start to combust. And once it combusts, a whole lot of hot air is released and that is when the lantern would start to fly!

It actually costs $10++ per lantern so I think I was burning more money than lanterns but of course it was free of charge for the participants. Anyways this was a pretty simple activity yet to me it is quite a unique experience so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you thought the night ended there and then, you are wrong. There was even a post dinner party and drinks at Silk (the name of the bar at Bintan Lagoon Resort). I did pay a visit to the bar, just to have a look see, but I didn’t stay for the party. Hope those who went had a good time!

Second Morning Breakfast

After a good night’s rest, it was time for the second day’s activity of the trip. This is when you get to enjoy any of the free listed activities (I have highlighted these activities earlier in my other post). Before embarking on this fantastic quest, I had a buffet breakfast at the restaurant called Kopi-O. Nothing special there though. Just your normal breakfast and I was also saving some space for lunch, because surprise surprise lunch is going to be free too and you get to check out any of the F&B establishments in Bintan Lagoon Resort. The suspense was killing me because at that point of time I still did not know which restaurant to go to.