Real Steel

Ever heard of this upcoming movie titled Real Steel? Well you just got to catch it because it not only features cool robots that battle each other just like in gladiators, sumo or wrestling (actually more for boxing), you also get to see Hugh Jackman who is not only handsome but ravishing too. While we all might remember his role as Wolverine in the various X-men movies, unfortunately we do not see him wearing a crazy robot suit with long metal claws in this movie. First of all check out the cool movie poster.

Hugh Jackman is Charlie Kenton, who used to be a fighter but his job gets taken over by robots. Sounds like a cure for Singapore's aging population if you ask me. Anyways, together with with son Max (Dakota Goyo), they end up building and training a championship contender. What happens next I do not know unless I get to watch this movie. 

If you ask me what main function a Robot that I build must have, I would focus on defensive capabilities like a good shield and armour of some sorts as well as regenerative capabilities. This will make any Robot invincible!

“Catch Real Steel in cinemas this 6 October 2011 and like the Official Real Steel Singapore Facebook Page!”