The Change Up Movie Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers so read at your own risk!

Hey there people! Thanks to I had the chance to watch the movie titled The Change Up at a preview screening. First of all I must say that this is my very very first movie review and I have to tell you that any pointers would be appreciated! Once again I have to remind you that my review would contain elements of the movie plot so if you have watched the movie and do not want to know too many details, read this review at your own caution!

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So what is this movie all about? Simply put it is about two grown men who are actually the best of buddies and whose bodies can switched when they pee into a fountain (with some scary statue staring at them see below) and wished that they had each other lives. Ryan Reynolds plays Mitch Planko, a playboy cum bummer who is basically a quitter in life. Unlike Jason Bateman who plays Dave Lockwood, he is single and basically lives each day as it comes. Dave is a married man with three kids (one elder daughter and a pair of twins) and is also successful in his career (a lawyer who is close to becoming a partner of a law firm).

The fountain that grants your wish

The lives of these two somehow get disrupted after their bodies are switched. Many people would think that this film is a meaningless comedy (which was what I taught about the film at first) but if you stayed in the cinema and watch it to the end, you may realise that you get to learn a bit about life in this movie. Imagine what a life of a family guy with a tough career can do to a single lazy bum and how a fresh look on life can do to a family man.

As anyone one can guess, both worlds of the two men are turned upside down. Dave almost loses a chance at being partner and Mitch almost loses his women (well actually he did but he gained a new one more on that later). But things take a turn for the better and got on so well that they both almost decided that they were pretty comfortable the way things were. Of course they finally realise the importance of being themselves in their own bodies and decide to switch back, but not without some humilation of course. In the end, Dave realises how important his family is to him and how he should spend more time on his wife and children instead of his job and Mitch, well while Dave was inside Mitch, he helped him score a hot babe ala Sabrina played by Olivia Wilde, who is Dave's subordinate. I just love a happy ending!

This is not the reason why this movie is M18 but if you think that is chocolate on his face think again! Watch the movie to find out what happened to Dave's face!

Anyways do note that this movie is rated M18 and there are some shots of nudity in the film. I would feel that even the younger crowd will have something to learn when they watch this movie but I guess the writers want to focus on some adult comedic  fun yet want this movie to be meaningful and not just about slapstick humour.

So this is a simple review and I must say that this is a simple movie with a simple plot. Yet it is able to garner plenty of laughs in the audience and maybe some tears as some parts can be real touching. Simple in execution, yet deep in meaning and it definitely will make you rethink what you should do in your life. Watch this movie (I give it 4 stars) and you will not regret it.

Once again thank you for the tickets!

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