Home is a Place I want to Be!

Home is a place I want to be. Yes, a place to stay for the long term and sink my roots. My home has to be safe and free from all sorts of other disasters. Such a place is not hard to find and I am happy to say that I have found it. Home is Singapore! 

In Singapore, we have a stable government and everything runs smoothly like clockwork. People are hardworking and because it is a meritocratic society, those who work hard are rewarded. People are also efficient and take pride in what they do, we have people excelling in their own niche jobs and specialists in every areas. With so many different races and new immigrants from all over the world, the people of Singapore live as one in harmony. Our economy is also strong and competitive.Singapore is also a good place to do business. 

We also have a strong military force as well as a good home team that is able to make Singapore a safe and secure home. These people work 24/7 to ensure that Singapore is kept safe from internal and external threats. Citizens of Singapore are just so lucky that they do not even know it.

This is my home. This is my Singapore. And this is the place I want to be.