Why I should win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening

hey there folks! I got this email from Nuffnang asking if we Nuffnangers would like to take part in this contest to win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening.

Well I just realised that today is the last day to submit our entries (12th Feb). I would love to do a great post as well as play and complete the “Where is Number Four?” contest but the thing is I am rushing for time (I am going to meet my girlfriend later) and I will be home late so I got to rush this post to get a chance to win these preview tickets.

And why should I win?

(a) The preview is on 14th Feb. What a special day to watch the preview than with my girlfriend of course! And this preview is special to her because

(b) She simply loves the cinema at Cathay. The seats are big and wide and very very comfortable and

(c) She is the fourth child in the family so I think the name of the show totally fits her (though I have got no idea what being number four is about in the show heh)

Well I know this post is totally unacceptable but I would still like to give this contest a chance. I would love to add in a pic or two but I simply got to run now. So Nuffnang hope you like this post...

Oh and yes not to forget===>

Catch I Am Number Four Movie starting from 24th February 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!


biplob said...

The post is really impressive..

JDubG said...

I heard good things about this movie and have not seen it yet. Good post!