Buy Cheap Trampolines

Although they have been given something of a bad reputation in recent times thanks to accidents where the proper care and attention has not been exercised, there is little stopping the many fans and there is mounting evidence to suggest that with the right amount of care and attention, as well as regular maintenance and replacement of broken or damaged parts, trampolining is a safe and effective form of exercise and play.

This is the precise reason why many manufacturers such as TP trampolines make the purchase of spares and additional parts for their trampolines so easy.


The net is the surface which goes around the outside of the trampoline and prevents jumpers from falling out of or off the surface of the trampoline. They also prevent people from getting onto the trampoline and potentially injuring themselves and the person already jumping on the device. Although their effectiveness in this regard has not been proven with any concrete evidence as yet and they are not a legal requirement, the majority of the larger freestanding trampolines from TP Trampolines come with nets and enclosures as part of their safety features and their use is strongly advised, especially if children are to be using the trampoline without full supervision.

These nets often cover the entire area of the trampoline and form a “curtain” of approximately 5 or 6 feet over the actual main jumping area. Access to and from the trampoline is often in the form of a slit in the curtain or an area which can be opened and closed for safety. They are often made of mesh so that a supervisor can see and be able to supervise the play.

Mat Cover

The surface of the mat, where the fabric meets the frame is the place where the springs are situated and this is often covered by a foamed synthetic surface which is a different colour to the frame and the mat. The reason for covering the springs is so that if a jumper accidentally wanders into the springed area they will not be harmed by jumping directly on the springs. Furthermore, the reason for the difference in colours is so that in the event that the jumper is getting too close to the edge and the springed area, they will be able to see and adjust their position accordingly.


The majority of trampolines have a distance of at least three feet from the ground to allow for the person jumping to press down on the mat as they land. If it wasn’t for this distance, they could be severely injured as gravity pulled them down onto a flat and hard surface. However, this does cause problems as some users have had in the past issues with getting on and off trampolines. The use of a ladder is therefore seen as being extremely beneficial when helping users mount and dismount the trampoline in question.

Ground Pegs

Ground pegs are devices which allow a user to pin the foundations of the trampoline to the ground for safety and stability. 

So you see it is actually very easy to buy your own cheap trampolines! One of the cheapest that I have found is the Airzone 38 inch mini band trampoline. You can have a look at the picture and it is easy on your wallet at less than 35 bucks.

Of course you can go for a better one at a slightly more expensive price at 55 dollars. This is a kids jumper trampoline. 

If you want something that is super safe, i.e. there is a net surrounding the trampoline, you will have to pay a little extra. But hey, who doesnt want their own children to be safe?

So these are some trampolines that you might want to check out. Worse comes to worse you can always buy other cheap toys online.