Discounted Cheap Star Wars Darth Vader Cinemascape Statue

Ever hoped that you can have a Darth Vader sleeping with you in the bedroom? Or beside you at you personal computer? Well look no more, check out this Cheap Star Wars Darth Vader Cinemascape Statue! Retailing at a bargain toy price of US$26.42 from Orange Onions, this is at a whopping 76% discount compared to the original price of US$109.99 and also cheaper than what Entertainment Earth is selling it at (US$39.99).
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Star Wars Darth Vader Cinemascape Statue

This Cinemascape Darth Vader Statue from Star Wars is simply astonishing! It is lifelike and it stands at 17" tall (Im seriously not joking about this!) The statue is fully painted and ready for display, commemorating the defining moment in Vader's transformation from the once noble Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker, to the evil Sith Lord. Vader's past, present, and future are all captured and finely detailed as he stands atop a broken platform, just above the lava flow that left him scarred and confined to his life-saving black armor. Armed with his lightsaber, Vader is ready to rule over his new Empire with unrelenting malice. The galaxy will never be the same… and neither will your collection with this exquisite resin sculpture towering and ruling over it!

Get the Star Wars Darth Vader Cinemascape Statue at a discounted bargain cheap toy price of US$26.42 now! Still not convinced? Watch this video below! Note: This video was made by Entertainment Earth but as mentioned above, Entertainment Earth seems to be selling the statue at a more expensive price so this means that my blog brings you the best in value! Do come back for more great toy deals!