Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince merchandise at Bargain Cheap Toys

Harry Potter Mania at Cheap Toys with Opening of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie

My fellow readers, the time has finally come! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens on July 15th and so here comes Harry Potter Mania! To cater to the movie opening, Warner Bros online store has specially made available some Harry Potter merchandise, and my fellow readers who are ever so lucky to chance upon my blog would be grateful to know that I have gotten the links to that online store. Just click on the banner below!

One item which I want to highlight is the Marauder's Map Towel which is a WBShop.com exclusive. Cant find that anywhere else I promise! It is now in stock, together with all the other cheap merchandise and has even become one of the best selling items. In addition, there are other Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince merchandise as well, including a whole slew of new Harry Potter 6 t-shirts! Just click the link below and be amazed by Harry Potter Mania! Dont hesitate, take a look at the store now and buy something before the movie is out. Maybe you can even wear the new Harry Potter t-shirt to the theatres!

Official Shop of Warner Bros