Original Transformers Optimus Prime at Discounted Price

In one of my previous posts, I have mentioned about some cool old Transformers Encore Toys selling at a discount on Amazon. Not to forget that there is a new Transformers movie coming up, known as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So I believe many of you guys out there would be looking for some cool Transformers Toys.

Remember the goody goody nice guy leader of the autobots, Mr Optimus Prime (not to be confused with Transformers Optimash Prime hehe)? Well, Entertainment Earth is selling the original Transformers 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime at a price of US$58.99, thats a 26% discount of its original price of US$79.99! Thats not all! This toy comes with a DVD and a graphic novel! Hows that for Transformers Fans! The DVD contains the original More than Meets the Eye animated miniseries, while the graphic novel is actually the 1st few issues of the classic Marvel comic book!

Transformers 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime

I have also not talked about the toy yet! This Optimus Prime speaks phrases from the initial television show, believe it or not! So I guess they modified the original toy? This toy is based on the earliest Optimus Prime toy from 1984, and just like the original toy, Optimus is able to transform from truck to robot and back again. The trailer opens to form a weapons centre that allows missiles to be fired! Also included is his trademark gun, and his little buddy Roller, the cute little small car that occasionally does some wacky tech stuff for Optimus. Do note that the toy requires 3x "AA" batteries, which are included in the set. I guess this is to power Optimus to talk! The Transformers 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime stands about 6-inches tall in robot mode. What are you waiting for? Get this cheap discounted toy now!