Catch Disney’s Planes Flying into Cinemas on 5 Sep 2013

Disney’s Planes

If you love Disney's Cars and adored Steve Mcqueen and his band of zany cars who help him race, then I am sure “Disney’s Planes” will be a hit for you. It is time that we move away from F1 fever and look at racing in the skys! First of all why not catch the trailer to whet your appetite a bit!

If you are curious about the movie, let me just reveal some of the plot without releasing any spoliers. Disney's Planes features Dusty, a good-natured, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exciting round-the-world air race in history. However there is just one big obstacle in his way – Dusty is afraid of heights! Well after you read this, you might realise that this storyline is slightly similar to Cars and also reminiscent of the recent animation movie Turbo. Just what is with everyone and racing recently? 

Well anyways Dusty has a bunch of his good friends who help him out and what is a movie without a badie! Enter defending champion Ripslinger who resorts to any means possible to make sure that Dusty does not win. Good friends who help you out as well as a strong competitor sounds like a similar plot to me again! Anyway you may wish to note as well that this movie almost became a straight to DVD release!

Anyways I will leave the ending for you to guess but right now I would want to promote the Disney’s “Say It With Planes” contest – Please do check it out, participants stand to win Planes movie passes & exclusive premiums. I just tried it out actually, You just need to type out a message and Disney's Planes will help you send that message to your friend ala with those plane clouds...So it is very easy to take part in this contest and I especially like the kid's planes t shirt hope I can win that and make a kid happy!

At this point I would also want to blog about someone who has inspired me to pursue my dream. I know it is a cliche here to highlight my mum, who has always been there for me and guiding me all the way offering me advice and who never ever doubted the decisions I have made. I know it is not Mother's day again, but thank you mum because without you I would never have achieved my dreams....

Well enough of that and remember to....Catch “Disney’s Planes” in Singapore cinemas this 5 September 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSGand subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!”