Disney Tron Legacy Toys

Disney Tron Legacy Toys - Hey there folks! This is yet another post from the mad toy blogger. Basically if you have been paying attention to the entertainment news lately, you would realise that there is a new movie coming up and it is by Disney too! Maybe you are expecting a kid movie but it is more complicated than that. Ever heard of Tron? That was one of the earlier movies by Disney long long ago. Now they have come up with the sequel by the name of Tron: Legacy. I guess this is the best article of my blog yet because my blog is about toys and movies. Tron: Legacy not only is a movie but there are many toys from the movie that you can check out.

Anyways let me talk a little about the movie first and also this new facebook page that I checked out. Tron Legacy is about this guy called Sam Flynn who is a 27-year-old, whose father mysteriously disappeared a long time ago. His father is Kevin Flynn one of the world’s leading video-game developer. If you are  a movie script genius it doesn’t take long to figure out that Kevin’s disappearance had something to do with his work. Well Sam tries to get to the bottom of things and investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade, which was set up by his father. Then he gets stuck in this a signal digital world which his father had created and was stuck in for the past 20 years. So in this movie you get to experience the journey of both father and son as they traverse this cyber universe. Not to forget their brushes with a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape!

I also had the privilege to check out the Tron Legacy facebook page and play one of the cool games known as “Get on the Grid”. Checkout a screenshot of the game below! For your information there are also two other games known as “Tron Arena” and “Photo Booth”.

In gist, this game lets you upload your own photo and then creates a new movie with you starring as one of the individuals in the Tron universe. I know it sounds a bit silly but they actually even add in special effects such that you see your own mouth moving when you are talking. So it is pretty cool. In this picture you can probably see the face though it is not very clear. That said, I almost forgot about these Tron Legacy Disney toys! Check out the various Tron Legacy toys including action figures of Sam, vehicles in the movie such as the light cycle or even remote controlled Tron cars! You can also get Sam's Identity Disc and Light Disc if you intend to do some real roleplay instead of just uploading your photo. And there are also other authentic Tron Legacy toys that you can get too.