World’s Coolest Intern

Hey there!

This is crazy and out of this world but the reason I am blogging this topic is because I want to be the World's coolest intern! That is right because just today I received this email from Nuffnang saying that they are looking for the World's coolest intern! Not only will the winner be given an internship at Standard Chartered, which is one of the coolest banks around, the person will also be rewarded with $30,000 for 6 months work! Hell that is almost better than my pay for half a year! Now if only I just graduated because if I get this internship I would have to quit my current job, which is crazy!

So why should I be the coolest intern?

(a) Tweetdeck and Facebook are the first things to greet me in the morning and the last things I say good night to (hmmm where have I seen this sentence)

(b) I would love to be trained in social media and online engagement

(c) I got passion, a thirst for learning, and really fast thumbs to keep up with all the Tweeting and Facebooking (strange this sentence looks familiar too)

(d) I am raring to go and hope to be one of the 10 best entries and get an $80 cash prize. Hell I even want to be one of the first 50 entries to get $20! Of course I would rather work 6 months and get the $30k but I don't mind a $100 reward!!

(e) I will quit my job, just for this internship!

(f) I almost got the "Best Job in the World" the one where you become the Island Caretaker to explore the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. They rejected me and said I was the world's coolest intern and wouldnt let me take that job

With so many reasons pointing to me being the world's coolest intern, there is no other person to turn to except me!


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