Cheap Naruto Toys Contest

Hello my dear fellow readers! It has been a while since I set up this cheap toys blog, which mainly features cheap childrens toys. I have to admit that I have been busy, and it is tough to maintain this blog and regularly add toys which can be found online at a bargain. Sometimes, I feel that this blog is a failure but seriously I am not very sure how many of you are actually reading my blog and really buying cheap toys from my blog. My blog caters to cheap toys for kids, if only all those kids out there are surfing my cheap toys bargain toys blog!

Well that may just be a dream but you will never know.

Anyway I have decided to do some promotion for my blog. I hope that through this promotion, not only more people would know about my blog and maybe also frequent my blog. Recently, a friend of mine, knowing that I am a Naruto fan, ordered this cheap naruto toy from Amazon. Now wait, let me rephrase that, this naruto toy isn't really a cheap naruto toy, because the last time I checked Amazon, it is retailing it at US$115. You can view the details of this naruto toy here, which is a Naruto: Gaara Sand Coffin Statue. I am attaching the picture below for you all to see.

Let's just say that I didnt really fall in love with this toy. It is however in perfect condition and still boxed up. The picture of the gaara naruto statue was taken from Amazon. I have decided to give this statue to one lucky winner who frequents my blog. The rules are very simple:

  1. To be eligible for this contest to win a cheap naruto toy which is a gaara sand coffin statue, which is open to anybody in the whole wide world, you will have to link to any of my cheap toy pages within my blog. You can choose any of my blog posts, link to it and give a brief write-up of the toy on that page or a short review of my blog. For example, you can link to my Cheap Pokemon Plush Toys post or to my Cheap Bakugan Toys post and just write a short paragraph on either the Cheap Pokemon Toys or the Cheap Bakugan Toys. This link can be from your blog or a website.
  2. You can also include a link to this contest to invite more people to take part. This link must be a separate link from the one above.
  3. After you have linked to my blog, please leave me a comment in this post with a link to the webpage which you have created that link. Remember to include your email address.
  4. This contest will close end August and I will randomly pick one comment from this post below, check that the link has been properly done, and if yes, I will contact this person for his name and address to have the cheap naruto toy gaara sand coffin statue to be posted to his address. Oh and I will only close the contest if I have gotten at least 100 links or 100 comments in this post. I will extend the contest deadline if the participation rate is poor. Hope this is agreeable with everyone.
Thats all I have to say for now. Do email me if there are other queries. If you have some feedback on this contest, such as what the prize should be, if the rules need clarification etc. I do not mind giving out more stuff if the promotion creates more buzz for my toy bargains blog! For now, good luck to everybody on winning this Naruto Cheap Toy - Gaara Sand Coffin Statue!


Toddler Lesson Plans said...

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Emil Coskey said...

Since there is not a date on this post I don't know how long you have been posting but I say if you have done the research of the keyword and you have a love for the subject don't give up. it takes time and it will happen. BTW I am not a child and I like cheap toys.

The Way Things Work said...

I was browsing for some toy blogs as it is in one of my categories and I found your blog. Don't give up just yet! Are you selling these toys? One of my ultimate dreams is to have a toy store someday... Just keep it coming. Oh, is that Gaara toy taken already? :)

Samson said...

Wow hey guys thanks so much for your nice comments. I have totally neglected this blog I am afriad as you can see the last post was a long time ago. But really appreciate the comments!

Sorry I sort of closed the contest as I did not even have any entries! I gave the Gaara toy to a friend.

Daniella Smith said...

That was so much fun! Calling all the Naruto fanatics to join the contest. Very exciting postings. Can't wait to hear from you soon.

daniellesmith said...

Thanks for updating Samson.... This is more interesting!