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Exclusive General Grievous Signature Series Action Figure

This General Grievous Signature Series Action Figure is a new addition to Hasbro's prized Signature Series of Star Wars action figures and it's supposedly only sold at General Grievous, the ruthless General of the Separatist Droid Army, began as a series of concept sketches. You might remember this version of General Grievous from the "Making of Grievous" Web Doc posted on Conceptual artist Warren Fu's artwork provided the direction for the Grievous that appeared in Star Wars Episode III, and has been accurately reproduced by Hasbro in this new, exclusive Concept Grievous action figure. This latest entry to the popular Signature Series exhibits a brand-new sculpt and comes in protective star case. This General Grievous Signature Series Action Figure cheap bargain toy costs just US$7.99. The original price is US$16.99. Thats a 53% (US$9) off!

Not a fan of General Grevious? How about this Exclusive Senate Security Clone? Costing just US$7.99 as well, that's a 47% (US$7) off its original price of US$14.99!

Exclusive Senate Security Clone (as seen in the 1st episode of Clone Wars)

This Exclusive Senate Security Clone is as seen in the 1st episode of Clone Wars. It's never too soon to start building your Clone Wars army, and what better way to start than with the exclusive Senate Guard action figure developed by Hasbro. With a brand new sculpt with red deco, this figure was the very first Clone Wars figure available in the world sporting all-new The Clone Wars blue and white packaging. The figure comes complete with a blaster rifle, and is encased in a protective, clear plastic collector's case.

Jedi-Con Convention Exclusive Shadow Trooper 2-Pack

If the above figures do not interest you, I'm sure this Jedi-Con Convention Exclusive Shadow Trooper 2-Pack will! Costing just US$8.99, it is another bargain toy at a heavily discounted price. The original price of this toy is US$16.99 (that is a savings of US$8 which equates to a 47% discount!).

If you couldn't make it to Jedi-Con in Germany, you've probably been calling in favors to locate one of the exclusive Shadow Trooper 2-Packs offered at the show. Well they are now available for purchase at This Jedi-Con Convention Exclusive Shadow Trooper 2-Pack is outfitted with black and gray armor, three rifles, a pistol, a sinister red pauldron and visors. This Shadow Trooper duo is sure as intimidating as they come! Tubular packaging showcases the figures nicely, and will look right at home next to the recent Order 66 series of 2-Packs.

The above bargain toys are brought to you from, where I scout for cheap Star Wars Toys. Do take note that the action figures contains small parts and are thus choking hazards and not suitable for young kids.